Instructor courses

Become a functional partner training instructor

Watching Tauff videos and doing the exercises for yourself is one thing; making large groups of people comfortable with functional partner training and teaching them how to perfect their technique is quite another. Timing exercises whilst adapting to individual skill levels is also critical.

The Tauff leadership team have developed a range of concept classes that have proven very popular with certain target groups. You will learn all about these classes during the instructor course, and upon certification, you will have access to the detailed programmes online. With additional programmes in development, please refer to Classes for more detailed information on each concept.

Our instructor course covers everything you need to know to lead Tauff concept classes or complement your PT repertoire with functional partner training:

- Introduction to functional partner training and key concepts

- Grips and supports

- How to make people relax when training with a partner

- All Tauff concept classes

- Creating custom training programmes

- Addressing the group and employing efficient body language

- Marketing strategies and Tauff network

Instructor courses are run over two days (100% presence is required). The certification is granted upon successful completion of the final Tauff trials (yes, retries are permitted). If you don’t make the final trial which is a filmed sequence, you will receive only a certificate of completing the course. When you complete the last trial and passed you are officially a licensed Tauff Instructor.

The course fee includes:

- All student material in English or Swedish

- 18h theoretical and practical instruction, 8am-5pm

- Unlimited access to Tauff’s professional online portal, including all current and future concept classes

- Ongoing support from the Tauff leadership team

- When you passed your trial you will receive a licence to use Tauff concepts and branding in your marketing

Price SEK: 5500kr excl tax

For booking or inquiries please contact us >>>>

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