Half buddycarry squat

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Doer stands with his feet slightly wider than his hips and his feet pointing outwards.
Weight places her hands on Doer’s shoulders and jumps onto his back.
Weight presses the inside of her thighs against Doer and links her elbows around Doer’s shoulders.

The exercise
Doer keeps his hands in front of his body with his fingers pointing down.
Doer lowers himself, with control, into a squat, and then uses force to push himself back up.
Doer keeps looking forwards.
Repeat the exercise, keeping an even pace.

Think about
Doer maintains a rigid and active body throughout the exercise.
Weight keeps her upper body as close to Doer as possible.

Useful points
To avoid placing strain on the back, Doer must only lower himself as deep as his legs and back can take.

Partner as weight
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