Lateral sprawl jumps for two

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Tool enters the plank position with an active and rigid body.
Doer stands beside Tool, slightly beneath his hips.

The exercise
Doer jumps or steps into the push up position, then comes back up and jumps across Tool.
The same move is then repeated on the other side.
Repeat the exercise, keeping an even pace.

Think about
Aim to jump off with both feet at the same time.
Aim to repeat the exercise without any extra jumps in between.
Doer bends her legs slightly and places her hands in front of her feet before entering the push up position.

Useful points
To increase the challenge, Doer can choose to jump across Tool’s upper body. Alternatively, Tool can assume the push up position. For less impact, Doer can jump across Tool’s lower legs.

Partner as tool
Strength, Wrestling
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