Backlift for two

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Tool sits down and links his forearms by grabbing his own elbows.
Doer stands with her feet on either side of Tool and grabs his lower forearm.
Tool then positions himself so that he is lying slightly in front of Doer with both his feet on the ground, and lifts his hips.
Doer stands with her knees slightly bent, eyes forward, and her back straight.

The exercise
Doer straightens her back and then comes back into the starting position.
Repeat the exercise, keeping an even pace.

Think about
Doer keeps her arms straight and relaxed.
Tool maintains an active and rigid body throughout the exercise.

Useful points
In order to get a firm, good grip, Tool must grab his elbows.
For a correct starting position, Doer’s shoulders and knees should be aligned.

Partner as tool
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