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Start State with Squat for 30 seconds/person. Keep the hands linked and continue with Tug of War for 40 seconds. Repeat this for two more sets. Tot 3 sets. 

Doer and Tool grab each other’s wrist with their arms crossed. 
Doer stands with her feet slightly wider than shoulder width and looks slightly up. 
Tool steps forward with one foot between Doer’s feet. Doer and Tool straighten their arms and lean back. 

The exercise 
Doer comes down into a squat and then pushes herself up. 
Repeat the exercise. 

Think about 
Both should lean back with straight, relaxed arms. 
Doer aims to maintain control on the way down and use more force coming up. 

Useful points 
As both lean back with straight arms, the strain on Doer’s knees is reduced. 

Tug of war 
Both grab each other’s wrists, crossing their arms and bending their legs. 

The exercise 
Both attempt to pull and bring their partner towards them. 

Think about 
Use the power from the legs and keep the arms straight throughout the exercise. 

Useful points
As the legs get tired it is easy to start pulling with your arms. 
Avoid this as it makes the exercise less controlled and increases the risk of injury.