Hips up for two

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Doer stands on her hands and feet with her back towards the floor and offers her ankles to Tool.
Tool positions himself between Doer’s legs and places one leg in front of the other for a more stable position.
Doer places her hands close to her body with her fingers pointing backwards, and lifts her bottom from the floor.

The exercise
Doer attempts to push her hips backwards and past her hands.
Doer then pushes her hips upwards, into the air. Repeat the exercise.

Think about
Doer keeps an active and rigid body throughout the exercise.
Tool maintains a straight back and adapts to the movement.
Doer pauses in the extreme positions.

Useful points
The exercise does not have to be done quickly.
It is more important to stay in control and to pause in the extreme positions.

Partner as tool
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