Plank to back for two

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Doer assumes a push up position.
Tool stands behind Doer and catches the right ankle with both hands.
Tool spreads his feet and bends his knees slightly with a straight back.

The exercise
Doer rotates with her arm over her body, so that she has her back towards the ground.
Doer then comes back to the starting position.
Repeat the exercise.
Change legs for the next round.

Think about
Tool holds Doer’s ankle in a light grip so that Doer is able to twist it as she rotates.
Tool keeps his back straight and his body active throughout the exercise.
Doer maintains an active and stable body throughout the exercise.
Doer aims to keep her body as straight as possible throughout the exercise.
Doer attempts to keep the arm she is lifting in line with her shoulders.
For lower impact, Doer can use the free leg on the ground as support.

Useful points
Doer should focus especially on the activity in her torso as she rotates back to the starting position.

Partner as tool
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