Plank with rotation for two

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Doer assumes a push up position with an active and rigid body.
Tool puts herself between Doer's legs with her feet slightly wider than hip width for a more stable position.
The Tool grips the wrists of the Doer and rests them on the outside of the thighs.

The exercise
Doer lowers himself in a push up.
Doer lifts his hand and rotate it upwards, straight above the ear.
Get back to starting position and repeat the exercise and alternate arm in the opposite direction.

Think about
Doer maintains a rigid and active body throughout the exercise.
Tool maintains a straight back and adapts to the movements.
The Tool pushes the wrists of the Doer against her thighs for a more stable position.
Doer attempts to complete the exercise in a continuous movement.
Doer follows his hand with his eyes.

Useful points
As the hand is lifted above the ear, you will improve the connection with your upper back and you will also get a more stable position.

Partner as tool
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