One leg plank with jumps

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Tool stands behind Doer with his legs wide apart.
Doer kicks her right ankle back.
Tool catches the ankle with both hands, bending his knees slightly and keeping a straight back.

The exercise
Doer places her hands in front of her feet and on the ground and stretches her left leg.
Doer comes back the same way and finishes by jumping into the air, stretching her arms above her head.
Repeat the exercise.
Change leg for the next round.

Think about
Doer keeps her arms straight.
Doer keeps an active and rigid body as she stretches the leg above the ground.

Useful points
It is common that you want to bend your arms when stretching the leg.
Aim to keep the arms straight and your body active and rigid when coming down.

Partner as tool
Strength, Agility
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