Keen to participate in a Tauff group session? Below you will find the conceptual classes developed by our leadership team and available through Tauff instructors everywhere. Whilst these classes target different strengths for different people, they all have the following in common:

  • Everyone should be able to participate, regardless of physical level and previous experiences of training.
  • It should be physically demanding and make you tired, but all according to your own ability.
  • You should be in the present and experience that time is virtually disappearing.
  • It is a social experience, and you should get a feeling of community in the group that you train with.

To find a Tauff class near you, contact us today, and we will refer you to an appropriate instructor.


When we first created TAUFF we only used exercises which came from wrestling, which is why we have named this form Roots. We mix couple exercise and individual physical exercises with elements of struggle from wrestling. To struggle is one of our most natural instincts. Even as children we know how to defend our territory; all in order to survive. In today’s modern society we rarely have to use physical struggle to survive, but we all have the need to ventilate feelings and stress in order to find our inner balance. Roots is an excellent form of training to achieve this.


Play is our most playful form of training but also one of the most intense forms. We mix couple exercises and playful elements of struggle with individual physical exercises.


The name is an abbreviation of “High Intensity Training”, but can also be interpreted as the word HIT, as this is a highly appreciated form of training. We use individual physical exercises and couple exercises mixed with intervals where you use a partner or your own body weight as a training tool.

TAUFF Endurance

Regardless of whether you are an experienced runner or a beginner, you can participate in this session. A wonderful form of training which takes interval training to the next level. The focus is on a mix of couple exercises, running intervals and physical exercises in between. We also use running to wind down between the different exercises. The physical elements are chosen to strengthen your body as a runner, but naturally works even if you are not a habitual runner.

TAUFF Incline

To run uphill is a good alternative if you want to develop speed and endurance. It is also a good option for those with weak knees. We rotate between couple exercises and running in intervals.

TAUFF Hybrid

Tauff Hybrid is a popular and simple way to use exercises from all TAUFF versions to create your own circuit training. This creates group sessions with a wonderful energy.


The training is especially suitable for kids between the ages of 7 and 9. We have collected a selection of our more basic exercises. The aim is for the children to enjoy themselves while improving their strength, coordination and the ability to cooperate with others.


A good option for those who find the gym boring or want more variation. Force is a straightforward physical training session where you use couple exercises and individual physical exercises. The exercises in Force cover all muscle groups and you practice both your strength, stamina, agility and balance. It does not get more functional than TAUFF Force.


TAUFF MMA is our latest addition. It's our first concept where we're using equipment: in this case pads and boxing gloves. The concept is great fun, high speed and quite tough and consists of a mix between couples exercises, individual physical exercises and combat skills. No previous experience is required to participate and everyone exercises according to their own ability.

Practical considerations

Because you can do Tauff both indoors and outdoors, clothing will vary accordingly. The general idea is to have tight fitting clothes for ultimate function. That way fingers will not get caught in the clothes. As for footwear, you can be barefoot if indoors. If you prefer shoes, we highly recommend a pair with not too high a sole for easier movements. If you do Tauff outside when it’s cold weather, we advise to dress in layers. You need not to worry about getting cold during the session, but we do recommend bringing an extra sweater or jacket to wear after session is over. During the session, we store our belongings together. When we’re outside running, you can carry a small backpacker or hold a water bottle in your hand. Whenever we stop for an exercise session, we put our belongings so that we can keep an eye on them.

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