The secret to ultimate fitness: It takes two.

Different sports tend to favour specific skills and muscles and have developed extremely efficient exercises to address these. If, for example, you want to achieve explosive shoulder strength, some of the exercises developed by javelin throwers are hard to beat. Want maximum core power? Take your cues from elite wrestlers. Need to improve your balance? Capoeira offers some truly superior exercises.

If you want to create optimal overall fitness, not favouring any particular skill or muscle over another, you can keep cherry-picking exercises from various disciplines this way. And that’s just what we did in creating Tauff. Drawing on a collective experience of over 60 years, we identified the key components in the most efficient practices from a wide range of different sports. Then we developed exercises that did away with all equipment use, enabling you to train wherever you are.

In designing these exercises, we added another layer of efficiency: training with a partner. Everything is dynamic when you train with someone else. Movements, weight distribution, angles and muscle demands constantly shift, so your body can’t take the easy way out and prepare for the bare minimum expected. Instead, it starts preparing for the unexpected.

You get ready for anything.

Finally, we included a powerful motivator. Perhaps the most powerful motivator there is: to connect with another person.

We made sure to include grips, holds and supports that enable direct touch, releasing a cascade of oxytocin after each session. This hormone is the perfect complement to the famous endorphins, leaving you feeling elated, exhilarated and grounded all at once. In a word: happy.

You’ll be forgiven for becoming addicted. It’s potentially the healthiest addiction there is. As with the most beautiful things in life, this is the way you may think about Tauff.

It takes two.


Usama Aziz

With over 34 years in competitive elite sports, Usama brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Tauff. He started out as a 7-year-old wrestler, progressing to Swedish and Nordic Champion, ranking fifth in the World Championships and participating in the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games, before turning to boxing. A handful of medals in the Swedish boxing championships followed, and Usama represented Sweden in international competitions for several years. He then wrapped his career as an elite athlete within MMA, where he ranked number one in Europe, winning his final match against renowned MMA and UFC master Jens Pulver.

Today, Usama heads the Tauff leadership team. He is also the founder of Lo Bloo, whose protective equipment is used by top athletes in a range of different sports right around the world.

Madelinn Fernandez

A Nike Master Trainer, Madelinn wields expertise covering the full gamut of fitness regimens – everything from CrossFit, running, yoga and functional training to weightlifting, boot camps and traditional personal training. She also has a solid background in martial arts, a passion ignited when she watched Karate Kid at age seven; she thought Mr. Miyagi was the coolest character ever! For over 18 years, Madelinn has trained and competed in many different martial arts, including taekwondo, boxing, karate, Brazilian jujutsu, capoeira, kick-boxing and Thai boxing.

Used to dealing with groups and individual PT clients from all walks of life, Madelinn brings a unique understanding of people’s needs and motivations. She works with elite athletes and hard-core amateurs striving to reach specific goals as well as with kids and pensioners who just want to have fun and stay fit. Her insights have been instrumental in creating Tauff exercises that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

When Madelinn isn’t busy with Tauff workshops and exercise development, she coaches PT clients and runs classes at Nordic Wellness and CrossFit Solid.

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